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2.2kw Grid-Off System

Grid-Off PV Power System applies to free or unstable grid-connection area, consisting of solar modules, controllers, inverters, storage battery and support brackets. Direct currents generation can directly store in battery through daytime working and utilizing and suppling electricity at night or in cloudy or rainy days.

Off-Grid PV System is a stand-alone solution, since it can constructed in most areas and easy maintainance locally.It is also a reliable, clean and economical solution for diesel generation replacement.

Suitable Area:nountain area, no electricity area, sea island, farming area far from city electricity, school, hospital, forest, Unattended monitoring equipment and other areas, etc.

The project adopts Poly C-Si high-efficiency PV modules 275KW,total 8 pieces and 2 circuits, daily electricity generation is 5 degrees, total construction capacity is 2.2KW, inverted 380V output and electricity supply.According to practical construction condition, fixed concrete pillar,

with a 3 KW high-efficiency stable grid-off inverter and 220V output, this system is closed by a dedicated control cabinet switch off.

Modules:2.2 KW POLY C-Si (or MONO) modules

Control Inverter: One piece of 3KVA off-grid inverter

Support Bracket: One set (customized design according to practical size)

Cable: One set of PV direct current and alternating current cable

Battery: 12V 100AH, 4 PCS

Others: Other main auxiliary materials

Contruction Area: 30kms