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27%! Proportion of Renewable Energy that EU Member States will Achieve by 2030

In October of this year, the European Parliament called for raising the target of 2030 renewable energy share to 35%. Just last week, many technology, industrial and power companies in Europe also called for this. The European Council and the European Parliament will agree next year on final legal texts on these issues.

The environment and energy ministers of EU member states reached an agreement on the target of renewable energy by 2030 on Monday, aiming to achieve 27% renewable energy by 2030 and 20% by 2020. As part of a package of measures, ministers also agreed to use renewable fuels in transportation while setting an upper limit on the first generation of biofuels.

Specifically, the EU member states agree that by 2030, renewable energy will account for 14% of road traffic fuel use and generate electricity from renewable sources for use on roads and railways.

The European Commission has criticized the inclusion of railways as a renewable transport target because most of the European rail network has been electrified.

In spite of this, EU climate commissioner Miguel Arias Canete told ministers during the negotiations: "The EU's determination to develop renewable energy is clearly not enough. With the decline in the price of renewable energy, the EU is likely to reach the 30% renewable energy target, The previous estimate of 27% is similar. "

Ministers also agreed on a set of rules for the internal electricity market, such as introducing more sophisticated meters to consumers and allowing grid operators to run energy storage facilities.