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20KW Grid-Tied PV Shed

PV shed system conbines PV power and car shed, operating as a normal car shed while charging electrombile, lighting and connecting grid by producing clean photovoltaic energy.

PV shed project has no limitation on land, flexible and convenient, takes comprehensive utilizing of space resources to develop new energy.

With enough land capacity, PV shed realizes the benefits of green energy power generation and manages in adding more functions on regular shed.

As the developmeny of different application technology, electrombile charging is getting more and more practical, really enables the convenience of green power to our daily life.

Minimum requirements on shed height and length: higher than 2.5 meters and longer than 6 meters.

Module: MONO or POLY, 20KW

Inverter: 20kw

Support Bracket: One set of PV car shed support bracket

Cable: One set