De-Light wifi Bulb

1 Wi-Fi Bulb (White light LED) 1 de.Light PLC Adapter 1 Ethernet cable 1 Yellow light LED (Replaceable!)



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Product Details

Wi-Fi in Your Space

Whether you’re tech-savvy person, you need internet in daily life. de.Light is designed for you to enjoy reliable Wi-Fi at every corner of your house. Turn your room, backyard or even toilet into a Wi-Fi zone, cordless. All you need is de.Light.

Remote Control

Stay in control of de.Light remotely wherever you are. By connecting to de.Light’s Wi-Fi, you can be in command to adjust the brightness and the switch remotely, as well as enjoying additional convenience brought by the mobile application.

Wi-Fi goes on even without illumination.

It is almost necessary to stay connected with the world even when you are asleep. de.Light will still keep your data exchange on-going throughout the night when the light is off.

Replaceable LED

de.Light allows you to easily change the LED board placed within the light bulb, extending bulb’s life span to years and years. LED comes in different colours to suit your need.

Wi-Fi Roaming

Roaming functionality delivers a seamless Wi-Fi experience to you with no data loss even when you are on the move. The automatic switch between de.Light Wi-Fi access points without disconnection will bring your internet experience to a higher level.

Ø  Integrates Wi-Fi with Li-Fis pros

Ø  No signal blockage as light bulb is naturally positioned in open space

Ø  Where theres light, theres Wi-Fi

Ø  Wi-Fi works even when the illumination is off

de.Light gives better Wi-Fi

de.Light is ideally positioned on the ceiling to maximise Wi-Fi coverage for devices. It looks just like any other light bulb, which allows it to blend in seamlessly in your home.

Product Specifications

Power line:  500 Mbps HomePlug AV
WiFi: 2.4Ghz 2R2T (300Mbps)
Lumen: 500 Lux (6W)
Power: ~100-240V AC, 200mA (Max)
Base: E26/27
Size: 73mm (Diameter)*129mm (Height)