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10KW Grid-Connected System on Gable Villa Roof

20 KW PV grid-connected Power System features in long life expectancy(25 years), noiseless, no electromagnetic wave radiation, clean and no pollution, etc. Built-up area is 150 kms or so; daily electricity generation is 30-40 degrees, deversified in different areas; cost returns in 5-7 years; and with national electricity subsidies: 0.42 Yuan/Degree.

The project adopts Poly C-Si high-efficiency PV modules 10KW,outputs and connects to grid by inverting to 380V. According to practical construction condition, fixed concrete pillar, water-proof treatment on villa roof, immobilized by using color steel tile as tiling fixture, this project taks use of 10KW high-efficiency stable grid-tied inverter, 380V outputing, through specific grid-connected switchgear and access.The scope of service on this program is limited to inverter triphase output end.

Module: 10KW POLY C-Si(or MONO) modules

Inverter: One piece of 10KW Triphase Inverter

Support Bracket: One set (customized design according to practical size)

Cable: One set of PV direct current and alternating current cable